Who we are

Pyango began in 2015 by the hands of father and son with the drive to innovate in the field of IT and software development. Since then, Pyango has grown to become one of the handful of remote companies based in Switzerland.


Meet the team

Adrian Wirz-pyango-CEO

Adrian Wirz

Colin Wirz-pyango-COO

Colin Wirz

Hossein Hashemi-pyango-CTO

Hossein Hashemi

Lale Bagheri-pyango-Executive Assistant

Lale Bagheri

Executive Assistant
Roya Farrokhzade -pyango-Product Designer

Roya Farrokhzade

Product Designer
Luis Lionço-pyango-Product Designer

Luis Lionço

Product Designer
Sara de Melo Rabelo-pyango-Graphic Designer

Sara de Melo Rabelo

Graphic Designer
Katy Wirz-pyango-Communications Officer

Katy Wirz

Communications Officer
Jacob Sadollahi-pyango-Backend Developer

Jacob Sadollahi

Backend Developer
Cavit Altindag-pyango-Fullstack Developer

Cavit Altindag

Fullstack Developer
Somayeh Ebrahimi-pyango-Frontend Developer

Somayeh Ebrahimi

Frontend Developer
Daniel Kaviyani-pyango-Frontend Developer

Daniel Kaviyani

Frontend Developer
Anahita Asghari-pyango-Game Developer

Anahita Asghari

Game Developer
Mahsa Goodarzi-pyango-Frontend Developer

Mahsa Goodarzi

Frontend Developer
Mohsen Pakfetrat-pyango-Frontend Developer

Mohsen Pakfetrat

Frontend Developer
Eduard Körber-pyango-Q&A Engineer

Eduard Körber

Q&A Engineer
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