Whether you need a Minimum Viable Product or end-to-end developed, fully functional software. We've got you covered. Outsource your backend, frontend, mobile and ecommerce development to us.

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    CTO as a Service

    CaaS (Chief Technology Officer As A Service) helps your SME (small to medium business) or startup identify and execute digitalisation needs. You will benefit from our whole team‘s expertise for a lower monthly price than hiring a CTO.

    • Product design & research
    • Frontend, backend and cross-platform mobile development
    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Custom graphic design
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    Product design

    Product design lies at the heart of digital products. Benefit from the talent of our design team to do your product research and user tests. They‘ll create a low fidelity design and final UI based on the specifications of your inquiry.

    • Product design & research
    • Copywriting
    • User Experience Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Custom design system
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    Frontend development

    Your project needs to be accessible and perform well. Our frontend development team is equipped with industry standard tools and technologies to develop your digital product for success.

    • Performance
    • Accessibility
    • Industry standard technologies
    • We evolve with an ever-evolving software industry.
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    Backend development

    To ensure that your project performs correctly, our experienced backend developers take care of the backend logic, databases, application programming interface (APIs), architecture, servers and other technicalities.

    • Backend logic
    • Databases
    • Application programming interface (APIs)
    • Architecture
    • Servers
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    Mobile development

    Pyango software developers skip the line when it comes to time to market.
    Your mobile software will be developed cross-platform without additional cost. We revise existing mobile apps for overall performance and quality improvements all the while taking maintenance work off your and your team's hands.

    • Mobile App development
    • Minimum time to market
    • Cross-platform
    • Mobile App Maintenance
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    Ecommerce solutions

    Benefit from our in-house ecommerce software, ShopCircuit. A headless software built to support your entire ecommerce business.

    • Headless ecommerce solution
    • ecommerce consultation
    • Custom features
    • Beautiful and efficient online shop
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    Custom integrations

    Connect your apps, ERPs, CRMs, Databases, Email, Ecommerce platforms, EDIs and more with a custom built integration.

    • ERP, CRM, Database and Email integrations
    • Custom Ecommerce plugins development
    • Custom Integrations for business and productivity softwares
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    The infrastructure providing the glue to our team. Combining IT operations, software development and design in one seamless process lets us provide continuous delivery and high quality software in less time than traditional IT operations.

    • IT and Development operations in one seamless infrastructure
    • High quality software
    • Continuous delivery time
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