Get your Bexio to work for you with custom integrations

Skyrocket productivity with a custom software integrations.

Why integrate Bexio with other systems?

  • Improved efficiency by reducing errors and attaining real-time data access.
  • Allow your systems to communicate with each other, so you and your team can build the workflows you need with the software you already use.
  • Minimise manual data entry.
  • Avoid siloed data.

What we offer

Integration Between Business Software such as CRMs and ERPs.

Custom integrations between Legacy Systems and Websites

Integration with Your CMS and other Software

Custom backend logic to solve workflow issues in productivity software

Custom integration and plugins for your Ecommerce store

Backend developers experienced with Django for Bexio integrations

Django for custom integrations

Django logo

We primarily use the Django framework for building custom integrations for web applications of all kinds, including Bexio.

We choose Django since its a tried and tested framework with insane capability and flexibility. It is generally quick to set up as well.

You and/or your team can easily interact with the Django backend (since it belongs to you and you have full access rights to it) in case you want to tweak or adjust anything in the future.

Convinced a custom solution is the way to go?

Set up your free consultation call to evaluate your custom integration‘s project requirements.

We‘ll set up a non- binding offer and send it to you so you can evaluate and perhaps compare it with other offers you might have.

We sign a contract with you and a kickoff meeting marks the project start.

We‘ll deliver your custom integration as discussed.

You can keep in touch with us in the long term in case any tweaks or changes would need to be made for your custom Bexio integration.

How much it will cost you

Every custom integration serves a different purpose- thats what brings you here, after all. After evaluating the requirements for building your custom Bexio Integration, we‘ll provide a non-binding offer to you, meaning every offer would end up costing a different price.


What is Django, and how does it help with integrating systems with Bexio?

Why is integrating systems with Bexio useful?

What kind of systems can be integrated with Bexio using Django?

How can custom software development with Django help overcome limitations in off-the-shelf integrations with Bexio?

How fast can Bexio integrations be implemented with Django?

Can Django integrations with Bexio be updated or modified over time?

Tools and technologies





Pyango integration experts

Jacob Sadollahi
Jacob Sadollahi
Head of Backend

Senior Backend developer with a long career of expertise-driven software development.

Colin Wirz
Colin Wirz
Founder & COO

Excellent leader with 10+ years of experience in full-stack development.

Adrian Wirz
Adrian Wirz
Founder & CEO

CEO with a full-lived career in electronics engineering and IT specialisation/software development.

Eduard Körber
Eduard Körber
QA Engineer

Junior Quality Assurance specialist with a love for the logic involved with working with technology.

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