Roast my Product Episode 2: BLS Car transportation flow rework


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Dec 27, 2023


Our CEO, Adrian Wirz, uses the Goppenstein & Lötschbeg car tunnel connection and asked us to do our second episode of “roast my product” about the ticket buying process user experience. He shared with us about how it’s costed him extra time and nerves just to get a ticket every time he needs to pass through. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a rework, so let‘s get right into it.

Section 1: Lets start off with some user stories

Adrian takes the Lötschberg pass through from canton Bern to get to canton Valais once at least every two months and every time he does, he inevitably has to purchase a ticket to go onto the pass carriage with his car. Adrian could go around the Lötschberg Pass via Montreux or through the valleys from Bern to Valais, which he prefers not to do since it takes longer.

To get his ticket, Adrian needs to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Select his journey of choice with the date and time he would like to travel
  3. This takes him to a trip planner interface where he can check a timetable of when the next departures are
  4. After he selected his desired journey, he is redirected to a new website hosted here
  5. Adrian then needs to go through a series of 5 steps, starting with selecting a journey again!
  6. Adrian selects the journey, again.
  7. He selects a journey time, again.
  8. He adds it to a shopping basket.
  9. He goes on to step 2- where he provides credentials.
  10. Step 3 takes him on to a payment portal.
  11. Step 4 takes him to a booking confirmation page.
  12. But hold up, that‘s not all..
  13. He receives his ticket via email and needs to present it to the counter as he drives his car onto the Lötschberg tunnel car carriage.

Section 2: What problems can we identify from the user stories above?

  1. There are too many steps.
  2. Users get lost or give up and just buy a ticket at the counter at the actual tunnel entrance for 3CHF more than the price online instead. Which doesn’t guarantee a spot on the carraige for them, so its a bit risky.
  3. Too many tabs and buttons = too many options for the user.
  4. Redirecting a user to a new website to finish the ticket buying process is a no-go since it lowers trust.
  5. Receiving a ticket via email generates extra effort for BLS, and so does it for the user. For BLS, it means having a backend where these tickets are generated and being sent to the user and for the user it means having to dig through emails to get your ticket once you‘re at the tunnel entrance. The possibility for it landing in a spam folder is there, too.

Section 3: The Fix

We experienced the current flow a few times, and came up with a simplified ticket buying user interface and user flow for BLS.

Choose your journey here. You can also buy more than one ticket if you‘d like to. There are 2 types of tickets: Weekday tickets and weekend tickets.

Log in to your BLS account here or create a new account in less than 40 seconds.

Click on “Pay”

You‘re good to go! You can download your ticket here and in case there is some internal reason for BLS to send their tickets via email we tell the user that it’s available to them if they check their inbox as well.


As we mentioned in our previous episode of “roast my product”, simplicity is at the forefront of building any type of user interface.

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