What is PostgreSQL

Published: 30. Aug 20

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular relational databases. It stores your project‘s data safely for you, so you can put all your attention on developing instead of nitty-gritty data storage issues. It also goes by the name Postgres and what makes it even better is that it's free, open-source, and it emphasizes extensibility and SQL compatibility.

PostgreSQL can handle various programming languages which means that you don't have to rearrange your existing database if you have one. This database is not only flexible with the programming languages it supports but also the range of computer operating systems it can serve. It supports MacOS servers (it is the default database for MacOS) and its also readily available to use for Linux, FeeBSD, Windows, and OpenBSD. PostgreSQL‘s flexibility definitely comes in handy when you have got to do with many different operating systems and programming languages.


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