What is Storefront

Published: 19. Dec 20

If you think about your local grocery store, they probably have a sign above the entrance displaying what store they are or which branch of a brand they are. They might even have some decorations outside or notices hinting at sales going on. All for the purpose of locking your eyes and leading your feet towards a shopping spree.
Although virtual and not physical, your online store is no different. When people would visit your webshop, their first impression would be your virtual storefront. This storefront should be as inviting as possible in every way. It should typically include your business‘ logo or emblem, a clear suggestion at what you are selling, some useful information about your products and of course some nice visuals and well thought-through copywriting.
Beyond the visual aesthetics of your storefront, though, lies a considerable amount of digital engineering to make it function well. Your customers expect your storefront to perform fast, reliable and be user-friendly.

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